Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Currently Curing

I just updated my Curin' page and man, there's a lot on there (for me).  I'll be adding another one tomorrow, too.

Thanks to the discovery of CPOP (cold process oven process) I can now make cold process soap with a far less cure time.  Usually when I make CP and allow it to gel, I wait 4 weeks before selling and using.  If I do not allow it to gel, I wait a full 6 weeks.  Salt bars have their own category.  They cure at least 6 weeks, but maybe even longer.  With the oven method, cure time is reduced to 10 days to two weeks and that makes me pretty happy.  There's been a lot of soap being made because of it.  There is a really exciting shampoo bar in the oven as we speak.

CPOP is a lot like hot process in that heat is applied to speed up the saponification reaction and to evaporate water content.  There is no characteristic rustic look, like what comes with HP.  I also get to cut sooner, and I'm down with that.

A friend of mine requested lavender soap for Mother's Day.  The lavender on the Curin' page is my first CPOP soap.  I did not put a lid on the mold, thinking that the lid would not help with water loss, and I got those bubbly tops.  I've since learned that using a lid eliminates the frothy look and the soap will still be hard.

Calm is an olive oil based soap that I mostly made for my mom.  I made a baby soap for my cousin's baby shower that was only olive oil and 10% coconut oil.  My mom loved it for her face, so I decided to make it again, this time with more oomph.  I used olive oil infused with young hyson green tea and calendula petals (I sometimes use this oil on my skin.  I love it.) and 10% coconut oil with avocado oil at trace.  I chose lavender, orange, and lemongrass essential oils.  It's quite the nice combo.  I made a small design on top with lavender buds.  I used tweezers to get them in place.  What was nice was that I could take all the time I needed to decorate because I knew it was going in the oven anyway.  So nice.  Also, the bars are already hard because of the cook.  The bars I made for my cousin's shower are leaking something now.  Hopefully that won't happen this time.

So, go clickly clickly on my Curin' page and have a looksy at my new, CPOP soaps.


  1. I found your web page perfect for my wants. It is made up of superb and useful posts.

  2. I've been stalking your blog long enough, I just though I'd leave a comment. Yours is one of my favorite soap blogs, so inspiring! I've even been inspired to make my own soap blog. I just love reading about your soap-ventures.


  3. I'm pretty new to the CPOP game as well, and had some bubbly tops on my lye laundry soap. I wasn't worried about it since it's just going to get shredded up anyway, but the lid tip is good to know! :)


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